How to look at teeth

We, as humans, interact daily with teeth. We may not acknowledge it but our teeth shape us as a human and as an individual. The shapes and sizes of our teeth can tell us a lot about ourselves, as in our gender, personality, age and overall the type of individual you may be. When you look at someone’s teeth, we receive information about that person without even acknowledging that we are receiving information about them by merely viewing their teeth. One way to analyze different sets of teeth are to ask your friends and family members for a picture of their teeth. The best pictures come through using a dental mouth clamp. After receiving the pictures, print copies which are enlarged so that it is easier to identify and compare the sets of teeth. In these pictures you will be able to identify the type of tooth you are looking at and will also identify the type of person those teeth belong to.

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Teeth are made up of different types of tooth. The Fist type is called Incisors. In total there are 8 incisors teeth. There are central incisors, which are the first two teeth in the center, located at the top and bottom of your mouth. These central incisors can tell your age. A younger individual in most cases will have an rectangular central incisor with rounded corners and a length of 10mm-12mm. Where as an older individual can be told when the central incisors become square with square corners and have become 1mm-5mm shorter in length. If the photographs are printed in proper scale, then use a ruler to find out if your friends or family members tooth size matches with their age. Then there are lateral incisors, which can indicate the type of gender. The lateral incisors are located on the left and right of each central incisor, both top and bottom. A more rounded at the bottom and slightly shorter lateral incisors compared to the central incisors can suggest a female or “feminine” gender. Where as a longer and approximately the same length as the central incisors can suggest a male or “masculine” gender. Canine teeth are located on the left and right of the lateral incisors.

The shape of the canine teeth can indicate the individual’s personality. A pointier, prominent and longer canine tooth compared to the lateral incisors can suggest the individual to be more aggressive and powerful. A flattened or round tip canine that is less prominent can suggest the individual to be passive. If the individual has smaller sized canines, it can be suggested that the individual is a pushover. Historians and detectives can tell your wealth in terms of studying your teeth. Teeth that are well maintained will most likely have veneers, fillings, braces etc., which can indicate that the particular individual is either working class or from a wealthy background due to the proper dental treatments done. Where as a worn down tooth with cavities or cracks can suggest an individual who is lacking sufficient money and could not afford the proper treatments.

Stained teeth can show the individuals personality as well. A more yellowish tint to the teeth can make that individual perceived as unhygienic, less attractive and appealing, where as an individual with white teeth are perceived to be more attractive. Looking at someone’s teeth can allow you to receive many conceptions about that individual but it does not amount to the person themselves. Teeth can represent who you are but there are many other factors to an individual which show the true reflection of that individual.


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