Seeing Critically: Projects

Projects 2020

On the Gender Binary and Representing the Invisible: A Speculative Project
RIchie Ocean

Projects 2018

The Female Interior: A Critical Analysis of Sixteenth Century Dissection and Visual Representation of the Female Body
Natalie Cito

The Televised Revolution
Natasha Daley

Bad Photos of Insta: Questioning Reality Through Photographic Binaries on Instagram
Justine Fajardo

The Horror! Misrepresentations of Mental Illness in Horror Films
Alexandrea Fiorante

All Eyes On You: Spectacle, Industry, and Panoptic Self-Regulation
Ewan Matthews

Dancing Through Life in a Stiletto
Alannah Moniz

That’s What She Said: Body Image and Women’s Dialogue in Film
Michelle Moreira

Objectify Me!
Sofia Ramirez

In Plain Sight: How to See Alienation in a Modern City
Brent Smyth

The Visual Importance of Architecture in the Movie Theatre Experience
Kirsty Taylor

Alienation as an Art Form
Marisa Tortola

Projects 2017

Pirouetting Perspectives: Looking At The Popular Portrayal of Dancers
Deanna Bucco

Intersections: Non-binary genders and fashion
Sidney Drmay

The Advertised Spectacle
Jennifer Elliott

The / Eff / ect / of Non / Line / arity
Karolina Fedorcio

True Lies: Hollywood’s Misrepresentation of the Middle East
Alison Lee

Satoshi Kon: The Illusionary Artist
William Moo

Dark Imagery in Animated film: An Analysis of Don Bluth’s Works
Isabella Perrone

ESports Podcast
Andrew Satoli

Lingerie Gaze
Jessica Sirro

The Evolution of Bollywood Item Songs: Analyzing the Sexualization of Females through the Male Gaze
Zuha Ziaee