How To Look At A Tree


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When most people think of trees there is this unconscious thought that they just simply exist on Earth for as long as time. They blossom during the spring into the summer, then change

Likyelesh Tessema “The Tree” Picture. Ryerson University. 10 February 2022

colour and die off and break out into the winter which then comes full circle once the cycle is gone through. Tree’s inhabit and take up the majority of Earth, and not most people take into consideration just how significantly useful trees are to the living of life and humans with their ability to sustain oxygen to the world.

Tree’s are not only essential in a way that can benefit humans, but they have such a beautiful almost shape-shifting ability to them that it seems to be overlooked is just how exceptional it is. In this photo for instance, at first glance, one would just see a very bright and colourful tree simply living, which might be the case but looking closely however it has an extensively deeper meaning than just that. There is a certain colour scale in the way that the tree colour starts off at the bottom in a yellowish colour then progressively gets darker into a more red colour as it goes up to the top. Even closer, the leaves near the bottom are the shade of green, the original tree colour before the weather started to change. One important thing when looking at trees is viewing them within the details, and just how much we can get from that. Seeing the different changes in the colour of the leaves on the tree, as well as the shedding of the leaves on the ground can signify the change in season/what season it is. 

With the change of season now, the thinking can get deeper into why the leaves change colour in the first place, and how significant that change is to the weather. We all as humans know and have that knowledge that the leaves on trees do change at a certain point of the year, but the question of how that happens is not always asked. Trees are sort of a symbol of the Earth telling a story about itself. There are so many aspects of time and place that can be told just through the viewing of how a tree looks. In a way, it almost seems human-like in just how much personality and character a tree can carry. Just the physical aspect in the texture and look of the bark on the tree shows the time in how long the tree had existed. 

Entirely, with something as simple as the existence of a tree nowadays it is one of the most extraordinary aspects of life. They are able to be used as an essential part of human lives with the aspect of oxygen, with also on their own having the physical attributes like colour and texture be the determination of how long one tree in comparison to another can be accounted for in time.

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