How to Look At a Toque

When there is an extreme cold weather alert in the city of Toronto, you will never catch me outside without a toque. You know it’s too cold for me when my toque is covering half my face because I’ve pulled it low enough to fully cover both ears. I give props to the true Canadians who choose to trek through Toronto’s winter season without a toque.

Fact, toques provide warmth for your head when you do not want to pull your hood on because you might not be able to see while you are walking. Fact, toques can also be used to compliment your outfit. Fact, toques can be used to symbolize a specific brand or support a certain team. Myth, toques have one sole purpose.

A toque is a brimless hat, usually worn during the winter. Sometimes can be referred to as a bonnet, a toque is meant to keep your entire head warm; including your forehead and your ears. However, the city of Toronto has proven that toques can be worn year round. From spring to winter, people can be seen wearing toques whether it is for its true purpose, to keep your head warm, or for fashion. This has resulted in toques no longer being made as a knitted hat, but with different techniques and different materials so that it is never too hot to wear a toque.

Derek’s Basketball Toque.

Toques have multiple purposes, resulting in owning more that one toque. Whether your toque is seasonal or year round, it is guaranteed that you own more than one toque. Although it is known to keep your head warm, it is also used to represent your sense of style. Toques are used to contribute to one’s style based on colour, brand, and shape. These features can represent a part of who you are, where you are from, and your sense of fashion. I have multiple toques to represent who I am. I have a variety of toques with logos of different sports teams that I am in support of. This shows a side of me that is interested in the sports world. Specifically, the sports logos that are featured on my toques represent Toronto sports teams; ultimately suggesting where I am from. Aside from using a piece of clothing to show my support for sports teams, I am also in support of brands such as Nike or Timberland. But I do have many toques that I use for fashion based on its colour and shape. I have the typical all white, all black, and all grey hats that I can wear with any outfit. As well, I have knitted hats with a pompom on top just because it’s what is in style right now. Society is reliant on toques because it contributes to our comfort-ability with what we are trying to represent in ourselves as well as dressing appropriately for the weather.

Do not look at a toque as a simple piece of clothing people rely on for warmth. A toque represents a part of one’s personality.

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