“How to Look at a Cushioned Chair”

This eloquently decorated, white cushioned chair, resembles aspects of a women’s figure while possessing qualities of a mother, who will eventually turn into a grandmother. The top of its iron frame bring to mind, eyes, nose, a mouth and ears. While the middle encompasses its wide chest and straight back with metal designs that encrust the border of her entire frame which lead to the bottom. This is where its arms rest firmly with a cushion for an bottom and finally planting its firm, short, stubby feet on the hard wood floor.

If this chair was a woman, one look in her eyes and she’d be judged as just a pretty face. Straight back, perfect posture with the best designer clothes. Yet, she’s more than those superficial qualities. She has the qualities of a mother, nurturing and kind. Men and women alike, turn to her after a long weary day. She’s your friend in need, always listening and providing comfort that you can rely on.  She feels like home, letting you rest your head in her frame, comforting you with her entire body.

She is the epitome of perfection, but never claims to be. After years of being used, you’ll see a few nicks and tears on her worn down body. Yet, her lips stay silent, she’ll never complain. When no one is around, she becomes lonely, waiting for someone to bless her with their presence again. She’s a stable foundation and knows her place. She’s easily used, manipulated, manhandled, maneuvered and stained. Yet, even as years go by, she still remains a stable footing and ground. Her loyalty never wavers, she continues to be the rock, no matter the abuse.

Eventually, she will have a breaking point that is out of her control, and poof, she’ll gone and replaced with a newer model. The new one will be viewed as how she once was and will repeat the actions the previous one provided. Providing comfort to those who come across her presence. The old one will sit in a new home among others that look battered and broken like her. She wont see herself as the others, the Victorians left behind. Rather, she will continue to see herself as sheen, modern and straight of the spring line. She feels ageless, even as she breaks down. This spirit will remain until every last piece of her is gone. Her new home will try to hold on to her, making various repairs, undergoing extensive surgery. But, she will reach a point where she can no longer be saved. This is when the sentiments for her diminish and she’s looked at again as a simple object made by humans, that becomes tossed out and the value of her gone, as its cheaper to invest in a new one.

White Arm Chair resembles Woman's figure
Malik, Zane. Flickr website. White Armchair. April, 2nd.2009
Malik, Zane. “Luxurious Armchair isolated on white.” Flickr. April, 2nd.2009. https://www.flickr.com/photos/99347191@N04/9358154468/in/photolist-ffWZhQ-kLwZjN-raycjx-smY1j9-qvB46Q-eWRH1C-rYWJMB-rtLavV-wUZBxd-edBYQU-JjFT4x-8PP5jB-pFAEyi-DoL999-b2gJjv-vkLcGZ-rKiUzY-prhxkx-bScK3r-9KxFwT-bDhZUo-j1ZWEN-FrXYKx-qmYRkE-ady4Wm-cSggLj-9tRVwj-oi5yn2-r7ZyVe-rjoyV-qrtMA8-pcrCxQ-smeNk3-p3SKCW-opdDXy-eu3HGy-cScUfY-ohiiaE-81oxgL-asway2-dtPxru-wmqbSs-bScMb2-qxHJWx-tinUq-GobiD-cSeg3J-onSVMH-psS8X4-bScZyr

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