How to Look at Refrigerators

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The object I decided to choose for this assignment is a refrigerator. A refrigerator is a technological object that is able to store food, groceries, and drinks to keep them cool and preserve them so they don’t go bad as quickly. They almost also come with a small freezer to keep food frozen to preserve it for a long time or just saving it for another day. Refrigerators nowadays are very advanced being able to connect to wifi, search the web, and play music. Most people if not all have a refrigerator in their kitchen. Refrigerators are extremely common in today’s society as it is essential to a majority of households. Essentially every family needs refrigerators to store their foods, without them people wouldn’t be able to buy a large number of groceries or take them out without them going bad. It is something so common that when buying a house or a condo it usually always comes with one already. Which makes people not think deeply about their refrigerators or generally at all. Without refrigerators, people would have to have to buy groceries frequently and ensure that they do not go bad in the time that they are not used. However, people don’t really think much about refrigerators since using one has become a norm and people rarely have to go out to buy a new one.

Samsung – 35.75 Inch 28 cu. ft French Door Refrigerator in Stainless – RF28R6201SRv

I believe that people have been taking refrigerators for granted as nobody really realizes that the ability to be able to store food for long periods of time is something extraordinary and life-changing. It allows us, people, to live life freely without having to worry about always buying food/groceries or going bad. When looking at one, I always wonder what makes a refrigerator so expensive? Is it the technology? Or is it the aesthetic of it? People don’t normally ask themselves what makes a refrigerator good or bad. What makes a refrigerator good is how much it is able to store inside as well as the different compartments it has. A refrigerator should have high durability and last long enough to not have to worry about buying a new one, as well as the quality of it, must reflect the price you are paying for it. One should also feel the refrigerator to understand the material and texture to ensure that they like it. Looking closely at refrigerators, they are something that is essential to a society that many people do not realize its importance.  While you’re at a big department store you can now look at refrigerators more critically and ask yourself the same questions about them. 

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